how white women abuse

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the women in your feed tremble rage

feministboyaziz has triggered them. they too have

been through               what whitegirlgrace went through.

they too. have been assaulted. coerced. fucked. abused.

like whitegirlgrace. and even worse.


you too have seen your share of feministboys like aziz.

why then. does your body tighten. smile. yes, ma’am.


handsoutofpockets. at the wail of whitegirlgrace, even more

than it does. at the entitlement of feministboyaziz. why do white


women. and their helplessness. passivity. docility. innocence.

trigger you more. even when they are the ones being abused.


you read about whitegirlgrace. wanting red wine. and you think of

the whiteishgirl with her pure pompom plot. to get into your bed. and

touch you here and. there. and cry. tell you about all the times she

was violated by men. tell you. you were her fantasy. tell you. she had

a white girlfriend. tell you. she wanted you. assume. you must want her

too. run her white soft fingers. through you. call herself flower. make you

feel dirty. touched. no-consent. while making sure you. were taking care of

her. even now. she is helpless. pretty. passive. docile. spotless innocence.


you read about whitegirlgrace. she is weeping. and you think of the very

whitestraightgirl who cried when you. wouldn’t touch her. when you just

wouldn’t hold her hand. when you wouldn’t play along with the bartender’s

idea that. you were the brownbutch to her whitefemme. how dare you say no.

reject. the generous coercion of weepywhitegirl. how dare you jilt. and not take.

care of her. she too         is still helpless. pretty. passive. docile. spotless innocence.

she is still weeping. out of the trauma of being



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